Sunday, April 25, 2010

It has been a long time my little friends....I haven't had to travel for work as much in the past few what I have been inspired by had been bottled up so here goes....

video of the week :

For some reason I can't figure out how to post a video here from youtube....hmmmm something is up.

Go to and type in TERRY RENO 911. enjoy.

Fave song this week : Enjoy Yourself by The fave fave fave fave faveness of all time.

Fave song to run to this week: AC/DC, For Those About To Rock We Salute You.

Today is my husbands bday and I am sitting in a hotel Room in Tulsa so...shout out honey! I love you! In honor of his is some fashion advice from him....

1.Havianas that Rule :

South Africa Flip Flops. Amazing.

2. 1990's Versace much inspiration lately. What happened to Glamour? I love these models and I love the high waisted jeans. Give me more. Claudia and Naja...I remember looking at these adds wondering what hairspray they used....

3. More 1990's....I can't stop. I remember looking at this pic and just wishing that I could dye my hair black, skip school and talk about Kurt and Eddie. Grunge is back my lil kittens...pull out your doc's and floral print chic.....

4. On the waiting list for these puppies....Jeffrey Campbell does it again. If you are wondering where to look for sustainable and and paaaa'rooooose away. These shoes are the bees knees. recognize.

5. Nope...not a wig my friends....dis shizz real. Now...this is a wee lesson on what is happening wit yo' do....over done highlights out....all over one color in. Since this pic, I have gone Dita Von Teese Raven Black but howeves' cool it with the foils and try something new...its super fun! Just ask your stylist for a Temporary Color. (psssstttt....I am going back behind the chair in if you want ya hair me @ if you are in the Omaha area anytime...xoxo)

6. Sorry....I can't help myself...Versace ads...ya feel me boo....amazing. Color. Being Fabulous. Being crazy beautiful, not just a skinny, gaunt, no personality model....Who is your fave? Mine is Claudia.


Going to Vegas? Wedding? Girls Trip? Date night? BROKE? Go to this website and buy! Its all so cheap and fab! Pretty good quality...

Here are 2 of my picks :)

Both are under $51 dolla bills ya'll

7. I am obbbbbsesssssed with street style many to street style blogs and just SURF DA is my best from this week. I heart whoever this lady is...mens shoes, harem pants and guess whats coming back bitches.....CROP TOPS! I love it. Do your sit ups.

And her Notebook Clutch...a must.

8. My Bestie Kimi gave me a dose of this fabu'losity: it is a make up remover and cleanser in one. Worth the cash because it lasts so long and it gentle. I heart it forever...just like I heart my girl Kimi fa'eva.

It is available at Sephora. $15-$37 dollars depending on size.

9. My oldie but goodie....Oh I thought that this was discontinued but after a little bit of treasure hunting on the world wide web....a'las...The Green Perfume/Cologne by Diesel....ahhhh so tomboy for sexy on guys...

10. Sex And the City 2 is coming out and well...which means that Pat Field's kick ass styling it going to be back on the silver is my picks from her website and my shoes I am getting to wear to the premiere of the the movie. Aiden is back....bye bye Big. Booyah. can get a knock off " Carrie " dress on for $59 instead of $198! Woot!

Well...there ya have it. I am back in business ya'll. Fa the reeeelz! I am going to be doing hair on Sat and Sun by appt only starting in May so give me an email shout. I have been a Color educator for Paul Mitchell and have been doing that full time for the past 5 years in SoCal and here in Nebraska/Kansas and I miss being "in" a salon taking care of my peeps. So Book me gangstas and lets have some fun!

xoxo and of course....Henry Rules....


speaking of Henry here is a pic of my sweet little man and his hot Daddy:

Here is the new do....Can we say Karen O? I heart Karen O. And thanks to wee stylist here in Tulsa...I got my Karen O do! YES! Thanks Aaron at ARcs Tulsa!


See...told you its Karen OMG.